Research helps back ‘increasing demand for very high-value food applications’

Companies will need to make better use of their products and global supply chains will become very important as we look ahead to a growing world population, Ben van der Deen of the Netherlands’ food research firm NIZO told a group of industry players. “There’s an increasing demand for very high-value food applications.” Developing these products may include researching how to produce better flavours and mouth feel, increase protein functionality, and create easier digestibility.

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Brain Bar creator sees opportunity in functional food, plant-protein trends

Christopher Boyse was very interested in the protein bar space but didn’t want to make just another protein bar. He saw a gap in the market that functional foods were starting to fill and an opportunity to take advantage of plant protein innovation. Now, in just a few months, his small startup is seeing a big league breakthrough.

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Hot on hemp: growth in food and CBD products to construction and car parts

The unshackling of regulatory restrictions on the uses of the whole hemp plant is expanding the revenue streams for this versatile crop. There are opportunities coming from hemp-derived CBD for therapeutic and health products, and there’s interest in hemp for food, in hemp-fibre products and in hemp livestock diets.

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