Toll-Processing Study

PPAA contracted with an experienced team of researchers to conduct a study that sought to generate insights and data on the state of toll-processing capacities, opportunities and challenges for Alberta businesses in the growing market for plant-based protein processing. Please find below a link to the project report. Participants were promised anonymity to ensure fuller participation, however the list below includes seven companies who agreed to publicly list their names as they do contract work as well as their internal production.

The State of Toll Processing of Plant Proteins in Alberta Report

Contract Toll Processors

Honouring Dennis McKnight

Dennis McKnight is awarded an Honourary Lifetime Membership by Plant Protein Alliance of Alberta in January 2021 for his vision and passion in building the agri-food organization.

PPAA Webinar: Financing 101

Learn about the Top 10 ways to get money from a bank or investor in this webinar with Corey Keith, business coach and financing specialist, and entrepreneur Ahmad Yehya, president of Nabati Foods. held on Dec. 2, 2020.

PPAA Webinar: Fractionation 101

In a webinar Nov. 25, 2020, Trevor Pizzey, president of anCeres Processing Solutions, and Chance Barkley of Can-Seed Equipment speak about the technologies and equipment of fractionation, with an emphasis on dry fractionation of pulses. They offer strategies for the process of planning the development of a fractionation plant.

PPAA Webinar: Plant Protein 101

In a webinar Nov. 18, 2020, David Fielder, a senior scientist with Alberta Agriculture and Forestry, and Roi Wurgaft, owner of Wurgaft Consulting, discuss reasons behind the growing plant-based protein sector, consumer demands, food and non-food uses, types of protein processing, and key factors for successful commercialization.

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