PPAA Webinar: Fractionation 101

In a webinar Nov. 25, 2020, Trevor Pizzey, president of anCeres Processing Solutions, and Chance Barkley of Can-Seed Equipment speak about the technologies and equipment of fractionation, with an emphasis on dry fractionation of pulses. They offer strategies for the process of planning the development of a fractionation plant.






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PPAA Webinar: Plant Protein 101

In a webinar Nov. 18, 2020, David Fielder, a senior scientist with Alberta Agriculture and Forestry, and Roi Wurgaft, owner of Wurgaft Consulting, discuss reasons behind the growing plant-based protein sector, consumer demands, food and non-food uses, types of protein processing, and key factors for successful commercialization.






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Video of Plant Protein Alliance of Alberta’s annual general meeting on Nov. 4, 2020, featuring guest speaker Patrick Morris, CEO of Eat Beyond Global Holdings, and a presentation by PPAA’s CEO Dan Brewin.






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PPAA Webinar: Female Founders in Food Innovation

In a webinar Oct. 14, 2020, Angela Oladiwura of Prester Foods, Hailey Jefferies of Prairie Fava and Laura Incognito of Little Tucker shared their stories as the female founders of three very unique prairie companies focused on plant proteins.





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PPAA Webinar: Stories of Innovation in Agtech

In a webinar Sept. 17, 2020, Alex MelnitchouckYevgen Mykhaylichenko and George Gaeke from Olds College showed the projects that they have been working on, including drones, satellites and autonomous vehicles.

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