Protein Industries Canada

Tiffany Stephenson, CMO of Protein Industries Canada, and CTO Chris Anderson spoke at two PPAA events in January 2020 about the federal supercluster’s technology project pipeline, research gap analysis, membership engagement, ecosystem development and research, its role in leading change, and PIC’s goals by 2035.

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2020 Food Trends: What Consumers Want

Dr. David Hughes, emeritus professor of food marketing, spoke at two PPAA events — Jan. 13 in Edmonton and Jan. 14 in Calgary — about global consumer trends, including the plant-based food movement, climate-friendly diets, tailoring diets to personal health goals, shoppers wanting to know where the ingredients in their food comes from, and the need for Alberta to tell the world a better story about its high-quality producers and great supply chain.

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Western Economic Diversification Canada compiled a Calgary Agri-Food  asset map that includes three key areas — processors & manufacturers; supply chain; and academia &
research (June 2019.)

Calgary Asset map

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Top Health Ingredients
Debbra DeMarco, president, and Kimmo Lucas, CEO, of Top Health Ingredients spoke at PPAA’s Growing Diversification events in May 2019 about their company’s vision and growth, the plant-based movement, the Alberta Edge, and what lies ahead.

Driver Projects
Keith Driver, CEO of Driver Projects, spoke at PPAA’s two events in Calgary and Edmonton in May 2019 about the global need for increased food production and why his companies are turning to vertical farming, a soldier larvae facility opening in Rocky View, and a shrimp farm in Strathmore. Driver also made a pitch for an Agri-Food Innovation Ecosystem, in particular a new hub in Calgary for professional collaboration.

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